Reply by Marat Sh. May 14, 20082008-05-14
Hello friends!
I'm work with C6416, CSS3.3, latest version of DSP/BIOS and DDK version

I try to implement GIO driver for my A/D converter. I have a troubles with
implementation of GIO_read(). Sorry I dont clearly understood, how I can to
"bind" automatically reloaded EDMA with application layer. How I can get
current completed buffer in my application, when buffer switch, from
current completed to next, driven by EDMA transfer engine? Whether
correctly I have understood  GIO_read() require that the buffer for reading
has been transferred to miniport-driver from the program (user task)??? In
other words  buffer switch from current to next driven by user task, by
caller. However in my case, when used automatic reloading, buffers for
reading are already received by EDMA at a initialization stage, and a
run-time stage of program only receives the events that the given buffer is
filled by data and ready for processing. I cant re-initialize and re-link
again my EDMA tables in run-time after GIO_create() is called. 

I shall be very grateful to any your help.
Thank you very much and Best Regards.
Marat Shchuchinsky /* */