Reply by cpshah99 June 17, 20082008-06-17
Hello People.

I have implemented adaptive DFE using RLS algorithm given in Adaptive
Filter Theory by Simon Hykin.

Now what I did is that I implemented both the filter i.e. feedforward and
feedback combined. 

w=zeros(31,1); where 1st 16 corrospond to FF and rest 15 to FB.

I_hat=w'*u; where u is column vector which contains vectors for FF and FB
filter. And my receiver works fine.

But when I try to implement both the filters separately, I am not getting
good results. i.e.

w=zeros(16,1); FF filter
d=zeros(15,1); FB filter
u= FF coulmn vector;
v= FB column vector;


So how do I update FF and FB filters separately?

Your guidance will be greatly appreciated.