Reply by bharat pathak July 7, 20082008-07-07
Hello Naresh,

      In case if the work can be done in Bangalore India
      then we are ready to provide our design consultancy
      help. We have more than 5 years of experience in this

      Please send mail to bharat at arithos dot com

Bharat Pathak

Arithos Designs

A Premier DSP Design Consultancy and Corporate Training company.

Weekend batches on DSP are starting from 19th july 2008.
Reply by NP July 7, 20082008-07-07
Hello All,

If anybody have experience on MATLAB/ C/C++ for image processing
(motion detection and tracking). then kindly send me ur/ur friend CV

The guy has to work as reasech engineer and implement to differen IEEE
papers on MATLAB.