Novel Method of Showing Frequency Transients in the Fourier Transform and it’s Application in Time-Frequency Analysis

Huzaifa Kapasi

Fourier Transform in the frequency domain is modified to also analyse frequency transients i.e. changes in the frequency spectrum with time variable of any order. This is analytically, a very useful tool as there are many problems where frequency variation with time has to be analyzed e.g. Doppler shift, Light through different mediums in time and space. Numerical calculations are usually done for such problems when needed. Here, Fourier transform is analyzed to incorporate more variables that simultaneously do the Time lag-Frequency Analysis (TLFA) from Fourier Transform by changing the Fourier Operator. Also, the Frequency Derivative Analysis (FDA) of any order can be analyzed from Fourier Transform. Validity of the operator is examined using Eigen value analysis and operator algebra.