Fitting Filters to Measured Amplitude Response Data Using invfreqz in Matlab

Julius Orion Smith IIIOctober 11, 20102 comments

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Comment by Rick LyonsDecember 7, 2010
Hello JOS, Thanks for posting this very interesting code. I'm going to experiment with it. It looks like the line: Ns = length(Gdbfk); if Ns!=Nfft/2+1, ...error("confusion"); end should be: Ns = length(Gdbfk); if Ns~=Nfft/2+1, ...error('confusion'); end (I imagine those three "typos" occurred because of some sort of software text-translation problem when when your code was posted as a blog.) Thanks again JOS, [-Rick-]
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Comment by JOSOctober 28, 2015
Hi, sorry for my late reply! I was not receiving comment notices until today.
Thanks for the typo notes - I will fold them in asap. - Julius

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