AW: 16 bit operations in SHARC

Started by Andor Bariska April 26, 2000
Ganesan, you could load the 16bit operands into any 32bit registers and
thenshift them like this:

r0=dm(16bit_operand_value); /* load 16bit value into r0 */
r0=ashift r0 by 16; /* shift 16bit value 16bits to the left */
.... /* do the arithmetic here */
r0=ashift r0 by -16; /* shift 16bit value back */
dm(16bit_operand_value)=r0; /* store 16bit value */ You can then set saturation and test for overflow as if you were working
with a 16bit CPU. You must remember, however, when using immediate
values, that they also have to be shifted by 16 bits.

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Von: Ganesan Ramachandran [mailto:]
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Betreff: [adsp] 16 bit operations in SHARC Hi,
I need to simulate 16 bit fixed point operations in SHARC 21061. The
VDSP4.0 C cross compiler doesn't differentiate between short, int and
long keywords. the numeric format of SHARC specifies 16 bit floating
point operations only. is there any shortcut/method to simulate 16 bit
fixed point operations in SHARC 21061? (like setting up some flags or
constraining to some specific registers etc.)
thanks in advance.
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