Booting (LINK)

Started by C R Patil June 16, 2000

HI ALL !!!!
Thanks in advance, I have a probelm as stated below.
There are 2 SHARC 21062 Processors on the board, both in the Master
mode.Sharc 1 is booted through Eprom. After the Sharc 1 is booted, Sharc
1 has to read boot code for sharc 2 from some sector on the Eprom and
boot the Sharc 2 through Link Port. One method will be to DMA the whole
Boot code for Sharc 2 in to internal memory of Sharc 1 and then do a Link
port DMA on Channel 6 to the Sharc 2. This process wastes the Internal
memory of Sharc 1. As EPB0 regester and LBUF 4 are alised, is it possible
to do a External port DMA over channel 6 from Eprom 6 times to the EPB0
regester of Sharc 1 by Sharc 1 and then enable the Link BUFF 4 in
transmit mode of 48 bit instruction?. Please suggest any other solution
for the problem.