Started by Kenneth Porter August 31, 2000
I'm interested in using the SHARC 21065L SPORT for communication among
up to 6 single-SHARC boards in a rack, using the TDM feature. Are there
any examples available that show how to set this up?

Using 30 time slots, I can exchange up to 5 words per card with each
frame, and I expect I can use DMA chaining to expand this to more
words. I'd like to have what looks like a 10-word state "window" for
each peer, updating at about 10 k samples/sec (20 k frames/sec). 1 word
in each frame will carry a timestamp (for detecting a dead peer),
identifier bits (which frame and peer), and a check code to validate
the peer's frame data.

Each peer will drive a common bus with an LVD driver, enabled by its
transmit frame sync line.

Is this a reasonable approach? Any gotchas to look out for?

Kenneth Porter
Kensington Laboratories, Inc.