loading dxe files

Started by Matthew Rensing September 27, 2000
This may be a very basic question, so please humor me...

I'm working on a board with a 21065L processor. It interfaces to the host
computer via a serial port, which is connected to the SHARC via the flag
pins, through some other hardware. Using an emulator, we can load programs
(such as a low-level driver), such that we can easily access a stream of
data from the host machine. I wish to download executable programs over
this serial interface, but I'm rather unfamiliar with the format of the
generated files and how to map them onto actual memory on the processor.
What I envision is dumping a received executable to external SDRAM, and the
doing a DMA transfer of the program to it's proper location in onchip
memory. Can this easily be done with a .dxe file, or would I have better
luck with a .ldr file. I looked a bit at the file format for .dxe files,
and it seems somewhat complicated. Any thoughts anyone could offer on this
would be greatly appreciated.

Matthew Rensing