AW: Break Point Problem

Started by Bernhard Holzmayer June 22, 2004
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> Betreff: [adsp] Break Point Problem
> Dear All,
> I am Working On the BF532, I am Trying to Port the WMA Decoder, I did
it.When I Invoked the application By selecting the Harddisk and Playing the
WMA Song I kept a Breakpoint at the Initialisation function but It is not
hitting the Breakpoint, What Could be the Reason, I am Working Using VDSP
3.5 tools. Is there any problem with the Tool?.
> Thanking you all
> Sreedhar.

Dear Sreedhar,

don't know if it applies.
I remember a similar thing on Sharc/3.5.
It helped to rebuild the whole project after a "clear" command.
Seems as if breakpoints sit on wrong addresses after a change, sometimes.

Another thing you could try:
place the breakpoint in the disassembly window instead of the source