AW: A doubt in ADSP 21060 Programming..

Started by Andor Bariska October 26, 1999
> Hi,
> Do we have Boolean variables in 210xx Assembly language? Or
> I'll put it
> this way.
> Can I set a flag which is user-defined based on the result of
> a logical
> expression? This flag I would like to use in the Instruction "DO label
> UNTIL flag".
> Thanks in advance,
> Srinivas.

Chapter in the "ADSP-2106x User's Manual, 2nd Ed. May 1997"
non-counter based loops better than I can.
On p. 3-8 you'll find all the termination codes.

If you do not have the manual, I suggest you download it from the ADI
hompage ( because it is quite vital to program the