Re: R: VisualDSP++1.0 debugger and 21161

Started by Unknown February 25, 2005
Did you ever find the problem here. I am having what might be the same problem. > Hy all,
>I have just installed the VisualDSP++3.5 release ... I get ready for the
>worst !!!
>I've only tested the program with the 21161 simulator.
>Now the code is properly loaded in external memory (48-bit bus), but it will
>not work if I don't manually change the SYSCON reg.
>We are back where we started !!! ... perhaps a bit forward.
>Does anyone know how it is possible to set the SYSCON default (reset value)
>or anything like that?
>Thanks a lot
>Fabrizio >-----Messaggio originale-----
>Da: Al Clark [mailto:]
>Inviato: lunedi 20 dicembre 2004 18.24
>Oggetto: Re: R: [adsp] VisualDSP++1.0 debugger and 21161 >
>I too have used VDSP since 1.0. I think you will find
>that 3.5 is a very
>clean version. As far as I know, it does not interfere
>with other releases
>and other VDSP platforms. This was not true with the
>earlier releases.
>I would update as Jaime suggests.
>Al Clark
>Danville Signal Processing, Inc. >At 10:59 AM 12/20/2004, Fabrizio Nicolini wrote:
>>Hello Jaime,
>>I have worked with Sharc from 1998 and from then I have
>>spent a lot of time updating the Tools.
>>I installed the 2.0 and then came back to 1.0 ;
>>afterwards I installed the 3.0 and came back to 1.0 for
>>other troubles.
>>Any time spending time and time ... (a program doesn't
>>work any more, verify code optimization in several
>>projects, the code size explodes, troubles with file
>>management in simulation ... and so on)
>>For this reason I would hope that VisualDSP 1.0 works
>>with 21161 too.
>>If an upgrade is necessary ... sigh ... other time to spend!
>> Fabrizio
>> -----Messaggio originale-----
>> Da: Jaime Andres Aranguren Cardona
>> Hello Fabrizio,
>> Don't know the exact answer to your
>question. This is
>> just a quick suggestion: why don't you upgrade to
>> VisualDSP++ 3.5? It's newer, more stable
>and maybe you
>> can do what you ask for.
>> You can get it from ADI's website, and your
>> license.dat will allow you to use the newer
>version of
>> the tools, without any problem at all.
>> Regards,
>> JaaC
>> --- Fabrizio Nicolini <>
>> wrote:
>> > Hi everybody,
>> >
>> > I am working on SHARC ADSP 21161 and
>> > In my project the Sharc is connected to a 48-bit
>> > external bus.
>> >
>> > I load a DXE file using an AD emulator. If I want
>> > load the code in external
>> > memory (48-bit, no-packing), I have to forse the
>> > IPACK field in the SYSCON
>> > reg manually.
>> >
>> > Do anybody know how I can load a program without
>> > need to set the SYSCON
>> > every time?
>> >
>> > Thanks in advance