stopping the running thread in VDK ,

Started by ajax...@yahoo.co.in August 25, 2005
After A long time i am putting a qurey in this froum

In my project , iam using the Kernel i.e in VDk paltfrom i am working with BF532 using VDSP++3.5

As I have created a thread ,which will be executed every 30secs
The main function of its is write the some data in to the flash and when the flash memory comes to end i need to stop that thread completely.

checking the whether the flash is totally filled or not is not the problem i am facing .When the condtion staisfy that the flash is totally filled ,i need to stop this thread compelety.

Can any one guide me how to achive this.
And not only this .

I am trying to creat a command type of it.

WHen the command(which is tkaen thru UART of BF) is given then only my thread should start loading the flash and when the flash is totally filled is should be stoped by its self. plz god somebuddy help me to stop it.
My main problem is stoping the thread when the flash is totally filled.
I am unable to stop it.

Thanks in advance.
Ajay Narayan