Free asssembler for SHARC?

Started by bo_v...@hotmail.com June 8, 2006
Hello people, i am new in DSP-programming so please correct me if i am wrong.

I would like to program one of the new SHARC DSP's for my final thesis this fall. Analog Devices offers their very nice VisualDSP++. Some people are interested in buying what i am about to make and if i use VDSP++ i will have to buy a lisence (more than 3.000 $) before i can sell what i have developed with VDSP++.

I have planned only to write assembler so i thought that i could find a free assembler for the SHARC processors but i have only found BeastRider (which seems like a small company with litle info about their products). It seems like these two are the only existing assemblers for the SHARC processors. Is that really true?

I would like to know if anybody has tried their assembler?

It shouldn't be that difficult to make an assembler so hasn't someone started the work for a free one?

//Thank you for your patience.
At 06:04 PM 6/8/2006, b...@hotmail.com wrote:

You may not need a full license.

If you develop your software on either an EZ-KIT or one of our
dspstak SHARC boards, you can use a KIT license (free) of VDSP. The
KIT license acts as a full license for 90 days. After this period, it
still works as long as you are connected to an EZ-KIT style debugger
(which is part of an EZ-KIT or many of our dspstak boards). The
maximum program size is restricted to 1/4 of the maximum program size
of the DSP. You may find that this is not a problem especially if you
code in assembly . You can generate bootable images for any target.

We have boards that support the third generation SHARC, such as
ADSP-2126x and ADSP-21369. You8 can find more details on our web site.

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