Re: Re: How to transmit voice_digital_data between two sharc board

Started by Al Clark December 13, 2007
Probably any Sharc will work but I would opt for one of the newer parts
such as ADSP-21369 or ADSP-21371. We manufacture boards with these DSPs.

Al Clark
Danville Signal Processing, Inc.

s...@gmail.com wrote:
> Hai everyone,
> I am a Final year student in BEng(Hons) in digital communication
> and Electronic,
> I planned to design bluetooth module with SHARC DSP (i am trying with
> ADSP- 21065L ?)
> interface for full duplex advanced wireless audio application, please
> would you please let me know what SHARC DSP is most
> suitable for my development.
> How can i configure with bluetooth module effectively.
> I am looking for yor idas
> regards,
> Keths.