jump (CI) and NESTM

Started by Robert K Yu June 19, 2001

I'm hoping somebody out there has experience with
using the Jump (CI) instruction to 're-use' interrupts
and the NESTM bit. I have an ADSP-21160: Within my interrupt dispatcher (for LP4I), I use the Jump (CI)
instruction to convert the interrupt into a normal subroutine. I do
this solely in order to latch and detect another occurence of LP4I
while servicing LP4I. The MODE1:NESTM bit equals 0, disabling nested

I've found that when another unmasked interrupt occurs (LP2I) while
servicing LP4I, the DSP jumps straight to the LP2I handler. I would
have expected the DSP to latch LP2I, then wait until finishing
LP4I before handling LP2I.

My questions:
1. Now that I have used Jump (CI), can I expect nested interrupts
to be properly disabled?
2. Besides using Jump (CI), is there any other way to detect LP4I
while servicing LP4I?

-Robert Yu