matrix inversion

Started by Unknown December 17, 1999
Does anybody know a SHARC assembler routine for matrix inversion? The
one described in the ADSP21000 Family Applications Handbook doesn't
work with ADSP21061.

Ralf Heuser-Lindner

There are two problems:

1. The code generates an assembler error in two lines like:
if ne jump (PC,12), f4=dm(i0,m2);
Obviously, this is not an allowed instruction for the ADSP2106X, since
only a compute instruction is allowed for the second part of the
instruction. Maybe this was possible for the ADSP21000?

2. If I correct this by putting the second instruction in a separate
line (rather complicated because of the "if"), assembling is possible
without errors, but the matrix inversion doesn't deliver correct

Ralf Heuser-Lindner