AD1819 on SPORT0

Started by Jaeson Paras February 27, 2002
Hi to all. I am currently daisy chaining AD1819A on
the serial ports of a ADSP-21065L SHARC. I am having
a problem with the master AD1819A codec on SPORT0, and
doesn't know what really happens. I just found out
that the AD1819A sends out the codec ready bit it is
supposed to send to the DSP upon power up, so there is
no problem with the AD1819A codec. However, when the
code reaches the loop wherein it waits for this codec
ready bit, the but disappears. i found out that the
codec ready bits disappears when I initialized the
serial port control registers of SPORT0. I am
accessing the DSP through a JTAG, and I don't know if
there are problems with the serial port I am using.
Does the DSP kernel of the EZKIT Lite use the SPORT0
that it must not be used? I am assuming here that
SPORT1 and SPORT0 are identical if not similar, such
that initialization codes for them will be the same,
if it is for the same purpose. Try it if you want,
when the AD1819A is connected to SPORT0, instead of
SPORT1, the codec won't work and won't pass through
because the codec ready bit disappears. I am also
having problems with the slave codecs, they doesn't
seem to respond, though I know that the ADSP 21065L
sends out the appropriate data. Thanks for your time.