MP3 Player - Need Info

Started by Daya Sagar January 5, 2005
Hi All,
My Next project/product is on MP3 (stand alone).
I have not done any product related to MP3 till now.
Right now the idea is to develop a MP3 player (stand-alone) with voice / song recording feature.
I need the following Info.
1. Documents related to the development of MP3 player (Including Encoding, Decoding, etc., fundamentals)
2. Any details on different types of MP3 players.
3. Which Processor/Controller best suit for MP3 player
4. What are all other components needed (like flash card, etc) for an MP3 player with common features.
5. Any other details related to this.

Thanks & Regards,

Daya Sagar

IT-Expert - South Korea.