Regarding MDCT

Started by November 27, 2005
 Hi all,

 I would like to ask you regarding MDCT specially ,as we know MDCT is 

 DCT (type-4) with 50% overlap on consective block applied in MPEG-4 AAC 
 low delay.I could not get proper understanding how it works internally.


 MDCT =[  DCT(type-4)* TDAC * Window ]
	 Cosider for example we have MDCT of 2n inputs and n outputs and this n 
 output is equal to DCT (type-4) inputs..
	 I would like to know how this is mapped as inputs to DCT(type-4) and how 
 TDAC is avoided..

 I have gone through the web site as mentioned above

 I would like to have better and clear explanation then this.Please 

 give some web sites or book names which will be available with this topic.

 Thank you,