SCI on F2811 doesn't send stopbits

Started by thom...@ctr.at January 14, 2009

I'm using the SCI A of a F2811. It doesn't seem to produce stopbits!

tested with 19200 and 115200 baud; idle-mode (SCI-man-quote: "RS232-compatible"), both RX and TX where used

Config (SCICCRA-value) Result
8N1 (0x07) I get a startbit (low) and 8 data-bits (lsb first).
so, if I send 0xFF, there is just the startbit
which is low.
8N2 (0x87) the same
8odd1 (0x27) parity works, but there is still no stopbit
8odd2 (0xA7) the same
What went wrong? What else can I configure, s. t. this works - I've browsed the SCI-regs-desc., but havn't found anything helpful?
(by the way: What obscure mode is my SCI in? It is absolutely useless - I've never heared of such a serial protocol)

Thankfully looking forward to Your reply,