: moving adc data

Started by "Paulo Ricardo [Delfos]" June 3, 2009
I forgot to say: the buffer is mapped in the low 64k of the memory.

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I'm new in DSP programming and I have trouble moving data from ADC to my

The device is a F2808. I want to get the max speed from ADC (~6MSPS), but
due my copy routine inside the interrupt I can get only ~1.5MSPS. I'm using
8 consecutive acquisitions in 2 channels (interleaved). At end of 8th
acquisition my adc interrupt is called. The entire code is written in C and
inspecting the asm code generated I can see that is too much instructions to
be processed, growing up my acquisition time.

Then I decide to do it in asm, but my knowledge in asm is near zero. I had a
pointer to my buffer and another that's points to AdcRegs.ADCRESULT0. Can
anyone send the asm code that copy data (uint) from the second pointer to
the first pointer?