PMSM3_4 based motor controller firmware

Started by kvra...@yahoo.com July 6, 2009
I am new to F2812 development and would wish to implement the PMSM3_4 motor controller programme using CCS V3.1. I would wish to know the procedure / flow chart to implement the same. I have secured an emulator too.

I was thinking of following procedure
1) Load the needed peripheral header files - RS232, eCAN, Digital Pot and Encoder etc.

2) Execute and check it data capture and transfer is functional and as desired.

3) Load the PMSM3_4 header files. Implement it in stages as mentioned in the documentation.

Is their anything like a basic code for initializing and operating the TMS320F2812 MCU device using CCS V3.1 before I could implement the above mentioned procedure?.

Any application notes/tips that would help me in understanding the process is welcome.