Started by thom...@ctr.at November 12, 2009

I'm using CCS 3.3 and F2811 Flash API 2.10 via some SD510USB-Emulator on some F2811-custom-board.
In Flash-Plugin-GUI the field for CLKINDIV is disabled and sadly set to 0 - no div. Therefore I'm not able to make the correct settings for my board: 30 MHz, CLKINDIV /2, PLLCR 10 resulting in 150 MHz.
The strangest thing is, that I was able to flash the first board, but after trying to flash the second nothing worked - I'm still trying replacing cables, drivers, etc.

Does anyone know how I can enable or just set this thing somehow? Do I need to reinstall some drivers?


In the case someone else is encountering this problem: I've found a solution:
1. Select the correct clock-settings in the first dialog
2. Select the F2812-Flash-API (incorrect setting)
3. Now when reaching the Main-Flash-Window the CLKINDIV is set to "/2" and one has to change the Flash-API back to F2811 using the button on the lower left. Even after this one has changed the correct clock-setting are still there.
4. Flash