Developing a simple program - Code composer studio V3.3

Started by December 26, 2009

I was successful in making F2812 custom board and also could get connected thru the XDS510LC emulator.

As I am new to F2812 I felt prudent to take small steps. In that direction started trying out the Lesson 1 of CCS V3.3 tutorials -Developing a simple program.

I could create the project and add the file : Volume.h, rts2812_ml.lib, load.asm, vectors.asm, volume.c and volume.cmd. I could also rebuilt it and get the .out file.

I could not load the program as I get the following error .

1) Data verification error occured, file load failed.

2) Data verification failed at address 0x3FFC0.

3) Loader: One or more sections of your program falls into a memory region that is not writable. These regions will not actually be written to the target. Check your linker configuration and/or memory map.
Could I know how to sort this to enable me to complete the exercises.