VC33 DSK Ver 2.04 S/W

Started by Keith E. Larson December 12, 2003
Hello again

I just wanted to let everyone know that a new DSK3 Software download site is
available for the C31 and VC33 DSK. The present version is 2.04 and it
contains some new features. You may also be interested in knowing that the
distributor listings are improving. Avnet for example now lists the VC33
DSK at $150/1 unit. Shipping and handling costs are not shown. The DSK
might also get posted to the TI E-store in the near future if all goes well.


New in version 2.04
- Deeper C/HLL local symbol regression for 'Frame' window

- C/HLL Register variables now shown in 'Register' window

- A new character display capability where a character memory dump
(array name is DSK_STDOUT) is used to simulate stdout. This
plus a handfull of lean sprintf() like functions that do not cary
the full stdio library load (no heap, stack or .cio) should be
usefull to embedded programmers

- A number of other minor things that have been fixed

For those that have beta boards, the CPLD code changed with the production
run. The new code reflects the slower CPLD's that are being used and has
considerably better HPI stability. If you have a compatible programmer, the
VHDL code is in the help file.

Best regards,
Keith Larson

I also took a sampling application executables and demos. The list is now
looking something like this (in no particular order).

PC Side Application Executables
TI-C/ASM Optimizing C compiler, Assembler and Linker
DSK3DW HLL Debugger and Applications control interface (Win 9x/NT/XP/2K)
DSK3WIN3 FFT/Oscilloscope for Windows (Win 8x/NT/XP/2K)
WINWAV3 Wave file play/recorder for Windows (Win 8x/NT/XP/2K)
Command line tools and Utilities (DSK3A, FILECVRT, HEX2ROM...)
Console Applications for Win 9x/DOS (old apps)

DSP Side Application Executables
Precision signal generation
Complex Radix-2, Dual and Real FFT spectrum analyzer
Numerical truncation experiments
Sliding DFT and Sliding Goertzel Spectrum analysis and Filtering
SDFT filters and methods of manipulating signals
Logarithmic Differential Compression
Graphic Equalizer
Pulse Width Modulation
FIR/IIR filters
Embedded FIR coefficient generator (SDFT filter generates coefficients)
Online help
Wav play/record
Math routines
Fast Log, Fast Inverse
FeRAM (unlike FLASH, FeRAM can be used like SRAM)
Simple AIC loopback
Efficient Coding Techniques
Random Numbers
Using Interrupts
Converting fundamental to sine wave
Embedded character display
60Hz null filter (2 methods)

Best regards
Keith Larson
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