Re: [FixedPointDSP] Current Trends in TI HW,Tools & Training

Started by Bhooshan Iyer January 2, 2005
Hi Indrajit-
The link that i sent in that mail came split in two different lines in
the page. I have posted the complete link here including the file name
inside the angled braces, so pls use this complete link on you browser
instead. Let me know if there are any further difficulties. File name: cranes_ti_devcon.pps

(http://www.ti.com/asia/docs/india/tiidevconf2004/marketing/cranes_ti_devcon.pps) --Bhooshan On Sun, 2 Jan 2005 00:34:02 -0800 (PST), Indrajit Chakrabarty
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> The link seems to be broken for me - I get a "Document Not Found" from the
> TI website.
> Thanks,
> Indrajit > Bhooshan Iyer <> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I had recently given a presentation titled "Current Trends in TI
> Hardware, Tools and Training ", at the recently concluded TI
> Developers Conference at Bangalore, India on behalf of Cranes
> Software.
> This presentation is aimed at the relatively new entrant to the
> world of TI DSP's and the differently skilled engineers who are looking
> out for issues on the "Tools of the Trade" ,appropriate skill matrix
> and methods of gaining those skills for designing TI DSP based systems.
> This presentation now has been uploaded at TI website and is available
> for download:
> (http://www.ti.com/asia/docs/india/tiidevconf2004/marketing/cranes_ti_devcon.pps)
> PS: Though there are couple of foils on matlab-ccs link and
> ccs-LabView interactions,this is a TI centric presentation.
> --Bhooshan