Re: [Fwd: DSK3DW error message when execute freerun]

Started by Keith Larson August 18, 2006
Hello Yosuke

I did not keep the correspondance with Leonard so must work from memory.

If I recall this properly the problem was with trying to set breakpoints
within both an input and output interrupt service routine.

Basically the host communications are also an interrupt service
routine. This means that if the host interrupt is blocked data will not
be communcated back to the debugger program on the PC.

You could also have a problem with stack overflow. If for example the
input interrupt is reenabled within the ISR before the debugger
breakpoint a new (input) interrupt will occur every time a debug
operation occurs. This will quickly eat up the stack.

Best regards
-------- Original Message -------- Subject: [c3x] DSK3DW error
Hi people, i'm new in this group

Now, im working with VC33 University DSK and i have just tried a sample
program posted by this group, basicaly newleonardo2004's code(signal
loopback) with all fixes found also in this discussion, but always got
the same problem when i execute Freerun. The next are the error message
that appeared:

*A communication error has ocurred Attemping to Reinitialize Board
DSK3DW will exit if initialization fails
*Host Port Communication Error Check...

I put a audio signal into board and continued the procedure but the
effec is some hearable noise from output.

So i probed with single step execution and the loaded code run normally.
if someone have suggestion to fix this problem advice to me.

many thanks, Yosuke