Control Code Request

Started by August 22, 2006
Hello All,

I am research student looking for control code for embedded
processors/microcontrollers that use PID or LQR closed-loop feedback
control. My group and I want to perform some runtime analysis on the code
that we are able to stockpile to see where the majority of the processor's
time is spent during normal operation. From this we hope to find some
trend(s) that we can then use to design a more efficient embedded

The only requirement for this code closed loop feedback. That is, any
closed loop feedback control code written for any type of DSP in any

As of this moment, I have only found code from 'Application Notes' off the
websites of major DSP manufacturers. If not directly available, would you
guys be able to direct me to a place where I could find example/sample

Thank You for your help.