relocating interrupt vector table on C5402 DSK

Started by freesampleic November 29, 2002
In microprocesser mode, the 5402 places its interrupt vector table
in external memory. Since external memory is very slow, I am
considering relocting the interrupt vectors to internal DARAM. The
documantation mentioned that this can be done by setting the IPTR
bits in the PMST register. The IPTR field has 9 bits, and it should
contain the address of any 128-word page in program mem space. By
default, the interrupt vectors are located from 0xFF80 to 0xFFFF.
Thus, the IPTR's reset value, (1111 1111 1)b, represents the 128
word page beginning at 0xFF80. To relocate the vector, I can change
it to 0x3FE0. After the PMST register is loaded, the DSP will look at
0x3FE0 to 0x3FFF for interrupt vectors.

If I am using DSP/BIOS, should I change the PMST register at main,
or after the BIOS modules are loaded. Also, Is there any other thing
I need to do besides copying the contents in (0xFF80 - 0xFFFF) to
(0x3FE0 to 0x3FFF)?

Any help or comment is appreciated.