" Location Port......Error: Connection not found. Test Failed"

Started by ching hor September 23, 2000
Thanks guys! I've tested "delay" program successfully using c54x
dskplus. However, I encountered a new problem.
Before I loaded a delay.obj using code explorer, I run selftest & the
test results passed. Then I proceeded to load delay.obj, run, test,
halt & exit code explorer. However when I tried to load the delay.obj
again, a "DSP device Driver" windows pop out saying
" Trouble Reading Target DSP Memory
Timeout expired. No response from DSK "
Then I went to run selftest, I got this message:
" Location Port....
Error: Connection not found
Test Failed "
However, when I powered OFF & then ON the board. Everything is OK
again. So, did I do something wrong here or is this the way to run
the program? Also, the audio output is too soft(I'm using earphone),
is there anyway to boost up the volume besides using speaker(I'don't
want to disturb my neighbor at night). Thanks in advance!!!