Maximum array size on C5416?

Started by Unknown May 28, 2003

I am working with CCS on the DSK5416. I encountered a problem when
trying to implement a simple audio loop with a delay of some seconds.
For this, I need a large array of 16-bit values. for making things
easy, I wrote this short test function in C:

void main()
#define MAXDELAY 5000
Int16 delayline[MAXDELAY], n;
for(n=0; n<MAXDELAY; n++)
delayline[n] = 111;

Now I set a breakpoint on the return line, start the program and look
at my delayline array in the watch window. The elements 0 to 607 are
set to 111, all others are 0. My array starts at 0xFDA0 (value field
in the watch window). Interestingly, 0xFFFF minus 0xFDA0 is 607 in

What is the problem here? There should be enough memory for this
task. The DSK behaves quite randomly regarding the choice of
MAXDELAY. I have set it to 2000 before and everything was fine.

Thanks in advance for all advice!

Best regards,