Accessing I/O memory (dsk 5416)

Started by Yuri_Feigin July 13, 2003
Dear All !

Please help me with following issue:

In .gel file it is possible to access any memory (data/program/io) by: *(int *)0xF123u@data
*(int *)0xF123u@program
*(int *)0xF123u@io

(for example).

But if I want to access to io/program memory in the main code it is not
possible. (compiler
returns error).

it is only possible to access data memory by: *(int *)0xF123u

but it is not possible to add the @io/progra/data ending in order to access io
(compiler error) !!!

Why is that, and how it is possible to oercome it ?

Please HELP !!! Thanks a Lot