TMS320C54CST chip

Started by gdupasqu November 14, 2003
Hi all,
I am working with the TMS320C54CST PGE DSP chip and I would like to
boot from I/O boot mode. In order to do that, I send an .hex file
(ASCII format) 16 bits by 16 bits through the pins D0 to D15. The
handshaking (XF and BIO) is made properly by the DSP. When XF goes
low, I send 16 bits and wait until XF goes low again. In the linker
file I have specified that the code shall resides in the on-chip
DARAM memory (between 0x0080 and 0x6000).

My settings:
- MP/MC = 0
- OVLY = 1
- DROM = 0
hex tool:
-bootorg PARALLEL
-memwidth 16
-romwidth 16

So, at reset the dsp goes in the I/O boot mode and then I send my
data. The dsp receives well the values but when I test the GPIO pins
(loop between 1 and 0) nothing happens and it means that the
bootloading didn't work. I don't know where is the problem ? Is it in
the hex conversion tool ?
If you can help me, it could be great since I passed the last two
weeks on this problem.

Thank you in advance,