interrupts of uart

Started by Roberto Espinosa November 15, 2003
I am using the uart in the 5402. I would like to have a program (in C code if
possible) that triggers an interrupt when it has received a data.
Could you help?
I have connected 2 with 3, 3 with 2 and 5 with 5. Does I need to use any more
I have used this program but my isr does not execute.
Could you provide a program for my purpose?

UartBaud baud= UART_BAUD_9600; //set 1 stop bit
parity = UART_EVEN_PARITY; //enable even parity
fifoControl = UART_FIFO_ENABLE; //enable FIFO control
loopEnable = UART_LOOPBACK;
UartWordLen wlen=UART_WORD8
UartStopBits stopBits=UART_STOP1;
UartFifoControl fifoControl=UART_FIFO_ENABLE;
UartLoop loopEnable = UART_NOLOOPBACK;
uart_setup(UartBaud baud, UartWordLen wlen, UartStopBits stopBits, UartParity
parity, UartFifoControl fifoControl, UartLoop loopenable);
port4&=0xffef; /*associate int1 with uart*/
if( uart_interrupt_control(uart_rint, True) == OK )
{printf( UART interrupt enabled\n");
if( uart_interrupt_hook(uartIsr) == OK )
{printf( UART interrupt hook created\n\n );
while(1)/*waiting for interrupts*/
} void uartIsr(void)
printf( ***** Interrupt occurred ***** \n);

I can see in the screen the two first printf but I do not see the printf of the
Yours faithfully,
Roberto Espinosa
Espeleologic Devices.

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