5416 DSK + THS1206 EVM help

Started by Kevin Wang April 17, 2004

I've searched through the threads and haven't seen any posts
about interfacing TI's THS1206 ADC to a TI5416 DSK. I'm a
DSP newbie so I bought these parts to get running quickly for
my thesis project. I've posted on comp.dsp, TI's discussion
groups, etc. but I cannot seem to find anyone who has used
this setup before. So, here is my urgent request for help:

I have the THS1206M EVM connected through the 5-6K
interface board to the 5416 DSK. I've generated code using
TI's data converter plugins, but something is not working
correctly and I cannot tell what it is. I only get 0's when
calling dc_read defined in the TI DC API, so there could be a
multitude of problems.

My settings for code generation are:
ADC address: 0x8000
Data shift: 4
DATA_AV polarity: High
DATA_AV type: pulse
Read/Write type: RD/WR
Data Format: 2's complement

Another question I have is: How do I route/handle DATA_AV
as an interrupt on the 5416? The help files for the DC plug-in
talk about referencing the BIOS .cdb file, but this is not an
option in my plug-in window.

I could also just try and figure what to do if someone could
send me some source code with examples of accessing the 1206M
from the 5416. I am using the ADC to sample 4 channels of
ultrasound at high speed for DSP processing as part of a larger

Any help with anything would be greatly appreciated as this project
is for my thesis which is due in about 30 days...