Re: api and dsk5402

Started by Jeff Brower May 17, 2004
Ajit SH

> Did u manage to load a file from a host application (built with VC++
> or other) using the evmdsk54x.dll ?

For DSK C5402 board, I remember that the TI DLL will work, but it is slow and
sometimes you have to download more than once -- occasional memory accesses do

I'm sorry I cannot be more definitive. I have not used the TI DLLs in a long
In our labs, we use DirectDSP for all DSK boards with a host interface. The
reasons are: a) higher transfer rate, b) do not need to pause or halt processor
transfer data, so time-sensitive things like monitoring debug data inside an
interrupt routine are possible.

-Jeff > Ajit S.H.
> > i have 2 questions to ask.
> > 1) why do we need to run api' on visual c++?
> > 2) what process r included in interfacing hpi that is
> > in creating a channel(tms320c6711dsk)?
> Using that method, you can communicate at medium rate (up to 200 to
> 300
> kbyte/sec)
> with DSP. Data moves from parallel port to CPLD logic interface (on
> DSK board)
> to
> HPI port on DSP. People typically do this for 2 reasons:
> -data transfer rate is than what CCS can normally do with
> the DSK board using JTAG, and
> -to allow development of programs that use the DSK board
> in popular coding environments such as C++ and Visual
> Basic without CCS being involved
> The above applies to DSK C6711 and DSK C5402.
> -Jeff