ظ: C5402 DSK queries

Started by Andrew Alex January 5, 2001

http://elismile.hypermart.net/dsk5402.html maybe help for C5402 DSK

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: AjW <>
: <>
: 200114 20:44
: [c54x] C5402 DSK queries >Hi,
>We are considering a C5402 DSK in the development of one of our projects,
>anyone has any experience of the following could they please help ?
>1 - Is it possible to use the DSK with a JTAG for s/w development, i.e. a
>non-intrusive way of downloading/executing and debugging programs. Can we
>do away with the parallel port interface?
>2 - Has anyone managed to directly interface to the Memory/data busses of
>the C5402 DSK, is this only possible using the expansion ports provided?
>3 - I'd love to 'RTFM' but I'm having trouble finding documentation on the
>C5402 DSK board, or maybe I'm looking in the wrong place - any ideas?
> Many Thanks
> Adam >
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