Digital Spectrum VC5410 EVM - HPI (Newbie)

Started by nadhje August 9, 2004
Hi everyone!
I was looking around for some help with a problem i have know.

We have a Digital Spectrum VC5410 EVM. It normally comes with a
XDSPLUSPLUS JTAG emulator for debbuging and code loading. The problem
is that the JTAG emulator doesn't exist anymore and I've arrived to
the end of my internship without any way of loading my code in the

I think about using the HPI and interfacing it directly with the
parallel port of the PC according with the TI docs. But the fact is
that I still need a software to upload the code. I don)t know if
there is a driver in code Composer to use the VC5410's HPI.

I've also tried with the example of the 5402 DSK and it doesn't work.
(It has an embedded PAL to configure the HPI and lots of useful
libraries). So i need a raw HPI uploader/bootloader. I read the doc
and i feel that i could do the software, but i feel i have not enough
time :(

Any ideas? I really can)t believe that that software/driver doesn't

Thx in advance