C5402 boot table problem

Started by Prema C N January 24, 2005

I have a problem in C5402 8 bit parallel mode boottable execution. can any
body suggest me the solution. Please see the detailed description of the
below. We have a design where DSP is interfaced to FPGA through, its external
memory interface ( range 4000-EFFF). 8KB of external data space is accessed
using this interface. DSP boots in 8bit parallel mode. After successful FPGA
configuration, Host processor writes the entire boottable into the FPGA
memory which is interfaced to DSP external memory interface. Following steps
are used to generate the boot table.

The *.hex file is generated from the *.out file using the hex500 utility

Command: "hex500 *.hex" -e 080h -a -boot -bootorg PARALLEL -memwidth 8 -o

This *.hex file is then converted to *.bin file and is stored in FLASH.

The host processor copies this bin file to FPGA memory after it is
configured successfuly.

Please Note that we have verified that the boot table is getting copied to
FPGA memory properly and also after DSP is removed from reset it is finding
the 8-bit parallel mode key word from boottable and is booting properly.

Problem :
We have two CPU modes in our code composer studio set up.
1. sdgo5xx spectrum digital
2. C54x simulator

see attached CCS_setup.jpg

If we compile our code selecting second option i.e simulator and generate a
boot table from this .out file using steps described above we are able to
boot the DSP sucessfully from this boot table in stand alone mode. i.e
without JTAG.

When the same code along with same project is compiled using the first CPU
option i.e spectrum digital emulator and repeat the above steps to generate
boottable and run on our hardware, the code doesnot execute.

Please also note that during development/debugging we have used the same
emulator and now also if we download the .out file from this emulator setup
through JTAG, the code works fine.

can any one of you please let us know the difference between simulator and
Also let us know if there is any other cause for this problem.

thanks in advance and rgds,

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