Help me get started with CodeComposer and MPEG4 SP development.

Started by Vishal Borker May 8, 2006
Hi All,
I am interested in writing a MPEG SP decoder for the c54x . I am
*fresh* to codec development / Code Composer , though i have close to 9
years in C / Linux kernel/ Device driver programming.
I have been finding it very difficult to gather info on what i need to
do. I would appreciate it if anyone could point me to resources related to:
1.c54x programming
2. MPEG SP Decoder Material
3. Sample implementations of Decoder in C / TI Assembly
4. Reference books i could get hold of.
I am sure there will be loads of people on this list who would have
gone through the same phase that i am in. One of starting off with
something new. Any help would be welcome. Looking forward to your
muchos gracias!!