RE:real time processing using dsk 5416.

Started by eagl...@gmail.com May 29, 2007
> hi,
>I am student working on SPECTRUM DIGITAL dsk 5416. I want to take
>input signal using pcm_3002 codec and then send it to speakers.This
>kit uses a USB port.Does anyone know how to go about this ?
>Thanks in advance ,

Hello, i also need the same info...
I'm also working with the same Kit...

If u r well versed in C n u ve "Code Composer Studio" for working with that kit, then try the example project,
"audio" in
ccstudio --> examples --> dsk5416--> audio

I tried to understand it but couldnt...

I've only a months time to finish my project on audio processing, so now working on the processing part..

If any of u get to know or know as to how to get the real time input then do post to me r in this itself..

Thank u,

Lakshmana karthik S.
(e...@gmail.com or s...@yahoo.co.in)