Parallel Digital Input with C5409

Started by Christian Dolzer February 22, 2001
Hi, my name is Christian.

I have folling problem.
I want to read 15 bit digital data from an external sensor board.
The external board produces folling signals
- 15 Bit digital Data (Image Sensor)
- FEN, Frame enable signal
- LEN, Line enable signal
- CLK a clock with 1,23 Mhz.

Can anyone tell me how I can read the 15 bit data into the internal
memory. The HPI can be used a 8/16 bit Port.
Can I use the 16bit HPI to read the data. But I dont't have an adress.
I must control the read operation with interupts from the control
signals (LEN, FEN, VLK).

I've read about the 16 memory mapped I/O Port of the C5409 but I
don't understand where the port is located on the DSP.

If anyone has a suggestion how this can be done please mail me to Thanks Christian