Is c54cst proper?

Started by ahmadagha23 October 6, 2007
Dear friends;
I have experience for working with C6X family of TMS DSPs. But now a
telephoney project with TMS320C54CST has been suggested to me. I was
very eager to do it. but when I saw some previous experiences like
the text bellow from ALEX in "embededrelated" group I am worry
because I must do it in 8 months for a company. What is your idea do
I accept it or no? I am in iran and so I may have the eastern
problems that alex said.
could I use any C6000 DSP for telephoney work?

thanks for your advise.

Alex wrote:
"I have attemted to put the CST in one of our projects about 2 years
TI was very interested as they give us a free Evaluation Board and
all the software.
And I know DSP. This would have been the 14th large DSP Project for
Howerver, we could not use the CST because of multipe non engineering
related issues.

For instance, what they call a reference design is in reality a
of exerpts from many other documets that have no conection with each
They call their document a data sheet :) Any time you need information
about the CST you are sent to an other chip's document. It was really
dealing with the documentation.
Most of the documents have been written by the rusian software
company that
has made the soft/firmware. They do not have a good comand of the
English language
and as such many phrase constructs do not make sense. A language

The simplest programm, "hello world" is so obscure that is

And worst of all you need to pay for the technical support!

The CST is a cludge of three partners, TI makes a generic chip,
Spirit writes the
firmware, and Spectrum makes the Eval Board. If you have a problem,
you are
passed around between thse three partners as a ping pong ball :)
I needed to get the project done in 4 months. To answer a question it
took them 2 months.

Also, if you intend to deploy your product in a western country whith
a good and
established telephony standard the CST will work. But try to use it
in India Poland Romania
or Turkey and you are in for a real surprise.

I took their Eval Board on a tour of Eastern Europe and it did not
work there. The
problem are the SIT tones which are non standard there. The Dial and
Ring Back tones
are the most problematic. You will end up needing to write a LOT of

I gave up on CST fast. Sory to have to say all of this ( and I keept
it short and sweet:)
but perhaps I will spare you some later grief.

Sand Labs Research

please reply me asap.
thanks for your advice.