I don't see de output of TMS320C5416 on the oscilloscope

Started by marc...@yahoo.com.br January 22, 2008
Hi people.

I start using the TMS320C5416 few days ago. First, I test the examples of Sikora (I find this examples at http://focus.ti.com/general/docs/university/univ.tsp?templateIdX07&navigationId084&path=templatedata/cm/univgen/data/univ_exchange_lab)
I'm running the example called template. This example should take the signal input and transfer it to output. I connect a function generator on the line-in (using a sine wave of 0.9 Vpp and 1KHz) and an oscilloscope on the line-out, but I can't see the waveform on the oscilloscope.
Sporadically, I see this waveform during a milliseconds, but after them the waveform disappear of the oscilloscope screen.
However, if I connect a speaker on the speaker output, I listen the sound generate by the function generator even when the oscilloscope screen don't show the input waveform. I need to see the waveform to test some digital filters.
I need some help to solve this problem!
May be the problem with the board?
Are there some options on the Code Composer to setting and solve this question?
Is possible to see the output waveform directly on the computer screen?

Please, help!
This is the code of template example:


#include /* Required for functions printf() and puts() */
#include "templatecfg.h"
#include "dsk5416.h"
#include "dsk5416_pcm3002.h"
#include "dsk5416_led.h"

DSK5416_PCM3002_Config setup = {

0x1FF, // Set-Up Reg 0 - Left channel DAC attenuation
0x1FF, // Set-Up Reg 1 - Right channel DAC attenuation
0x0, // Set-Up Reg 2 - Various ctl e.g. power-down modes
0x0 // Set-Up Reg 3 - Codec data format control
Int16 left_input;
Int16 left_output;
Int16 right_input;
Int16 right_output;

void UserTask()
DSK5416_PCM3002_CodecHandle hCodec;
unsigned long i;

hCodec = DSK5416_PCM3002_openCodec(0, &setup);

for ( i = 0 ; i <1000000 ; i++ )

while (!DSK5416_PCM3002_read16(hCodec, &left_input));
while (!DSK5416_PCM3002_write16(hCodec, left_output));
while (!DSK5416_PCM3002_read16(hCodec, &right_input));
while (!DSK5416_PCM3002_write16(hCodec, right_output));

left_output = left_input;
right_output = right_input;




void main()


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