Re: extended addressing in 5416 : Loading problem in emulator

Started by ahma...@yahoo.com March 24, 2008
I had also the same problem with CCS3.1; Then I instaled and used CCS2.2 and it works properly. other times I uninstalled and reinstalled the CCS3.1 and the emulator drivers and restart my PC. Now it works.

> Ritish-
>> As my code size is getting large, I have to put some program modules on
>> 0x0000-0x7FFF (OVLY bit set) section and others on SARAM 0x28000-0x2FFFF and
>> 0x38000-0x3FFFF.
>> I am checking with some functions linked to define in different program sections
>> using #pragma CODE_SECTION. I am attaching file volume.cmd and my main program. I
>> am building with build options using far calls.
>> the problem which I am getting is that it goes well in simulator but, cant load
>> through TDS510 jtag emulator. it says "Data verification failed at address 0x28000
>> and also at 0x38000.
>> I have also checked options->memory map and also gel file.
>> I wrote another temp project which should write program in 0x18000-0x1FFFF (drom
>> bit OFF) that also has the same problem.
>If u don't load any code, just start CCS with c5416.gel file, can u see mem at
>0x28000 correctly? Can you change values? If so, then write a tiny program that
>does nothing but boot up, set PMST and other basic regs, and make READA and WRITEA to
>0x28000 and verify that you can see the values change in CCS.
>If u get that far, then u know the problem would be in your code or .cmd file. If
>not, then reg initialization, Gel file, emulator, CCS config, etc.
>Please let us know what happens.