dsplib filter doubt

Started by Siva Anne November 7, 2008
hi all,
I just want to implement a iir filter on 5416 dsk for i implementing lpc10

This vocoder i have implemented on MATLAB and its time for me to port the
code in target.

For implementing the filter, i want to make use of dsplibrary functions, but
the coefficients which i need to pass to the function is fixed point 16 bit
data, matlab gives coefficients in floating point mode.

how to go about this problem? One thing what i thought is converting
floating point things in to Q15 format.. am i correct? if that is the case
the input which i received through MCBSP is in which format? i hope i need
not to do any conversion to that data.....
please clarify me i need to submit the project i n a couple of days....

Thanks to all

V.S. Rama Krishna Anne