compiling demo code

Started by bdzyubak December 1, 2008
Hello everyone.

I have a TI DSP development kit (TMS320C54x) and Code Composer Studio
v. 3.3. I am trying to recompile the demo program they provided. Its
called DM6437_demo.out (or something similar). There is a .out file
that I can load onto the chip and it will set up a server for
communication via Ethernet, stream a video from the computer, decode
it on the chip and output it.

A DM6437_demo project file is also provided. When I load it into CCS
and try to build, it gives me a huge number of errors all along the
lines of "undefined variable 'such and such' in 'fileName.h'." At the
moment I am working on verifying all of the paths for included files.

Has anybody has this or similar problem? Can you suggest something?

Thank you for the help in advance. Also, forgive me my ignorance of
the topic - this is the first chip I am working with and I only
started a short time ago.