Re: problems with C5420 HPI and McBSP

Started by Jeff Brower August 25, 2001

On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, "Sanjay Kumar Madhava Rao" <> wrote:
>Hi All,
> We are using TI's C5420 in our trau processing application. I have
>used McBSP0 and DMA channel 2 and 3(Rx and Tx). HPI is implemented
>using shared memory and Periodic timers(BIOS). BSP code alone works
>fine. If the serial ports are not taken out from reset HPI also works
>fine. Once the serial port is taken out of the reset, HPI stops
>working. I have used two different memory blocks for BSP and HPI. I
>will be getting DMA interrupts every 10 ms(for trau processing), and
>the periodic timer times out every 5 ms(to check for Host messages).
>Any idea what the problem is? Is it because of HWI?

Why isn't the HPI driven by host-interrupt? If the host has a message, it lets
the DSP know -- save the one valuable C542x timer for something that really
needs a timer.

But it does sound like a memory-map problem -- either the McBSP or HPI code
writes on the other one. After the HPI stops working, check the HPI code
(instructions) vs. the list file and and see if it got corrupted.

Jeff Brower
DSP sw/hw engineer