adding custom expansion to C5402 DSK

Started by Unknown October 2, 2001
I hope to use the C5402 DSK as a DSP processor module for some early
prototyping of a project. Most of the hardware on the DSK is
unnecessary for my application (e.g., don't need the phone jack or
audio I/O) and I need to add some custom hardware through the
expansion bus.

Does anyone here have experience using the DSK in this way? I'm
particularly curious if the CPLD that serves as glue between the DSP
and everything else will complicate use of the expansion bus at all.
Has this caused problems in your experience? Any other caveats wrt
this approach?

I'd also consider other development boards -- one that included just
the DSP, some SRAM, some flash, and a breakout of the DSP pins would
be great -- it looks like Spectrum Digital has a board something like
this (the ezdsp) minus the flash -- anyone had any experience with it?